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Wi-Fi Network Solutions

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Internet going slow? Wi-Fi dropping in and out or not available in some areas of your home? We have the latest technology to provide flawless network connections. We will provide and install the appropriate hardware and configure it to your requirements.

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whole home wi-fi

whole home wi-fi

Seamless Wi-Fi
With turbocharged 802.11ac and now the NEW 802.11ax Wi-Fi, Mesh systems utilize multiple self-configuring radios and advanced antenna technology to bring fast, reliable and consistent Wi-Fi coverage to any home.

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Router Modem

Router Modem

Powerful Tri-band Gigabit Wi-Fi
Upgrade your internet providers standard modem with a powerful smart modem. Fibre ready, dual or tri-band Wi-Fi, smart roaming, gigabit internet and LAN. Control your modem from your phone. Seriously fast Wi-Fi speeds for everyone.

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Network Over Power

Ethernet Over Power

Powerline Adapter Kits
Powerline technology integrated with Gigabit AC Wi-Fi to extend fast wired and wireless networking anywhere in your home via existing electrical wiring. Perfect for your smart TV. Gigabit speeds, no new wiring required.

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